After an eighteen month process of study, discussion, discernment and prayer, the Session has approved a Strategic Plan which will influence and guide the life and work of Sycamore Church for many years to come.

The energy and emphasis contained in this effort will help create a greater intentionality and focus to who we are and what we are called to do. It is intended to help leverage our shared commitment to honor Our Lord by having us work in key areas with excellence, and extend the warmth and welcome of our ministry to the
community around us.

There are three key areas of focus to the Strategic Plan. All of them are intended to help us better
deliver the mission statement of Sycamore – “Called to be an inviting community where God is glorified, lives are lifted and Christ’s spirit of fellowship awaits.”

These areas are focused:

  • on a more vital and “Inspiring Sunday Morning Experience"
  • toward emphasizing “Connected Generational Ministries” which cultivates a deepened sense of Christian community for all ages…
  • upon a more clearly organized attention to “Service to & Benevolence for Others” – creating depth and engagement in how we utilize the unique skills and passion of our congregation to serve Christ.

Details of the Strategic Planning Committee's work are found via the links below:

Single page, abbreviated version

Multi page, detailed version