The Director of Operations provides leadership and support to the Head of Staff in the overall administration of Sycamore Presbyterian Church. Must be a Christian who exhibits a passion for God and a Christ-like spirit in their personal life and professional work. Responsible for overall administrative leadership to non-program staff and functions.   Works in collaboration with church committees to oversee church finances, human resources, facilities and grounds, information technology, media & communications.­­­­­ Champions support and is an advocate for the vision of the church and through its work, enables all ministries to do their best work.



Administration & Human Resources 

  • Oversees the daily operations of Sycamore Presbyterian Church.
  • Administers and ensures compliance with all church policies and procedures.
  • Submits annual statistical report to the Presbytery.
  • Along with the Personnel & Administration Committee (PAC) develops and administers the personnel policies and procedures of the Church including: 
    • Compensation & benefits programs oversight and management
    • Processing and delivery of payroll
    • Annual staff performance review processes
    • Employment & recruitment (offers, onboarding and all related documentation).
    • Maintenance of employee records
    • Maintenance of current job descriptions for each church position
    • Managing vendor relationships in support of church human resource administration.
  • Serves as resource person regarding legal/regulatory and business matters of the church. Liaison to outside counsel and professional consultations, as needed.
  • Serves as an administrative liaison to the Sycamore Presbyterian Church Preschool.
  • Demonstrate a servant’s heart by having a willingness to perform other duties as needed.

  • Works in close collaboration with the Physical Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees & Finance to: 
    • Create and implement policies for facilities usage
    • Create and implement policies for routine maintenance of the physical facilities
    • Implement policies for long-term improvement of the physical facilities
    • Participate in long-range planning for physical facilities
  • Administers and oversees day-to-day usage and maintenance of the buildings and grounds, according to policy established with the Physical Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees & Finance.
  • Liaison to Board of Trustees & Finance regarding church insurance coverages (not related to HR employee benefits) and safety/security issues.
  • Assumes a leadership role in managing facility and administrative system improvements
  • Manages and oversees the columbarium including meeting with individuals and/or families wishing to select a niche, overseeing related records, preparation and management of niches and Columbarium in preparation for inurnments, and assisting Pastors, as needed, in related services.

  • Manages the work of Bookkeeper in the receipt, deposit and disbursement of church funds.
  • Oversees purchasing process, monthly financial reports, cash flow, payroll, annual audit, compliance with state and federal requirements, and serves as liaison to Board of Trustees & Finance.
  • Monitors the current and ongoing financial health of the Church in partnership with Board of Trustees/Joint Finance Committee.
  • Manages gifts to church, negotiable securities and bequests in accordance with church policy and procedure and in coordination with applicable groups or committees.
  • Staff liaison for budget development, budget administration and reporting in close partnership with the Board of Trustees & Finance.

    Information Technology
  • Manages IT systems, including
  • Responsibility for sourcing, purchase, installation and maintenance of new computer equipment and management of replaced equipment.
  • Manages relationship with and is key point of contact with IT support vendors.
  • Manages A/V and technology systems for sanctuaries, chapel and other areas of the church.
  • Manages signage systems, including electronic sign messaging requests.
  • Oversees purchase and management of church phone system, office machines and security system.
  • Manages and maintains church web site.
  • Provides leadership and direction to the Media Team.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of IT systems, Human Resource Management, Finance, Accounting.
  • Ability to lead others (including volunteers) and be a team player.
  • Ability to establish and foster exemplary relationships with staff and non-staff workers, committee leaders and members, church membership and the community at large.


  • Bachelor degree (degree in Business, Accounting, Economics, Finance, or related field preferred).
  • A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in all aspects of church finances, church administration, operations management and leadership experience.
  • Certified Church Administrator (CCA), financial management &/or IT experience preferred.
To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to: